Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Morning Links And Comment

LIQcity, a local real estate blog beat me to it! They have revealed the name of the LIC mystery condo, now known as "L Haus". Yes, I knew the name a couple of months back, but was sworn to secrecy. My word is my word. While much is made of the name and location (adjacent to the Pulaski Bridge), I think the most exciting aspect to the project will be the degree of luxury that is afforded to owners of this Cetra/Ruddy creation. As I reported before, the opening of the project has been pushed back to September, so details will only slowly trickle out. I have been told that there will be exceptional finishes (as to be expected in a Cetra/Ruddy), and a ton of amenity space (I'll report back on those details as available). If they are coming at $700psf or less, I would expect the building to be a big hit.
NYC was tied up temporarily yesterday afternoon by 1000 or so protesters blocking access to The Triborough Bridge, Holland Tunnel, 59th Street Bridge, Midtown Tunnel, and Brooklyn Bridge. The protest, lead and encouraged by Al Sharpton was in response to the acquittal of 3 police officers in the killing of Sean Bell. The verdict, and the incident was both a tragedy and a travesty, no doubt. Our hearts go out to the family of Sean Bell. That said, anyone who thinks that the appropriate response is to inconvenience tens of thousands of New Yorkers is seriously misguided.
LIC Mystery Condo Outed...It's "L Haus" (Curbed)
State Democrats Push 1 Year Foreclosure Moratorium (Crain's)
Sean Bell Protesters Block Bridges And Tolls, 216 Arrested (NY Times)
Cantor Fitzgerald Launches Real Estate Fund (The Real Deal)
Calatrava's WTC Hub Wings Get Clipped A Little More (NY Times)
Demolition Underway At 14th And Third Ave (Curbed)

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