Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News- Reports:Tisch Purchase At 2 East 67th Sets All-Time Co-op Price Record, $48 Million

2 East 67th (on left), Courtesy City Review

One thing is for certain, the high end of the market in New York real estate isn't exactly hurting. Jonathan Tisch, owner of the New York Giants and Chairman of Loews hotels has reportedly purchased a 14 room beauty at 2 East 67th that faces Central Park for a cool $48 Million. This surpasses the old record set just this January when Scott Bommer, chairman of hedge fund SAB Capital and wife purchase a park view co-op at 1060 Fifth for $46 Mil..
Record Price Reported For Manhattan Co-op (Barbanel, NY Times)


  1. For whom is this good news? Those of us with the wherewithal to spend fifty million dollars on an apartment don't need good news, and those of us without it aren't so excited about this.

  2. I guess it's good news if you own a co-op with a nice view on Fifth Avenue. It is also news that is counter to the general media vibe that the sky is falling.