Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Staying Local: "Dogmatic" On Union Square Worth A Shot

On the site of failed fast food sausage shop, Mandler's (17th St., East of Broadway), a new sausage shop has bravely opened shop. Dogmatic already has a leg up (ok, really bad pun).
Mandler's had alot of promise, but, in my opinion, they had one big flaw- they would serve the sausages lukewarm. Even when I insisted that my sausage be well done, still, lukewarm. Seriously, there is nothing grosser. So, before they even opened, I found the management of Dogmatic and told them that they have to serve them up hot. And, they have.
Dogmatic is a feel-good sausage shop. The decor is minimalist and clean, but more importantly is that it could be argued that they are a "green" business. The meats are from a local, sustainable farm, Violet Hill, which also has a stand at Union Square Green market on Saturdays. The meats are also hormone free, antibiotic free, nitrate free, artificial color free, and organic when possible. There is also organic ice cream, organic sorbets and handmade sodas.
So how was it? Well, pretty good, but also hard to tell. The sausage was hot, and the sourdough baguette it was served on (from Pain D'Avignon in LIC) was exceptional. Unfortunately, I asked for the hot french mustard on the sausage, so that was what I tasted. It certainly cleared my sinuses. Can I whole-heartedly endorse this shop? I'll have to try again without the hot mustard. Would I go back? Absolutely! I guess you'll have to roll down to 22 East 17th and judge for yourself.

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