Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Morning Links

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Tribeca's Glass Atelier Not Entirely See Through (Curbed)
Mortgage Rates May Fall to 4.5% on Fed Moves, Lowest Since 1940's (Bloomberg)
AIG Selling 70 Pine Headquarters (NY Post via TRD)
Sitcom Map (Odd Couple Placed Incorrectly Below The Jeffersons) (Curbed)
Construction Worker Falls 10 Stories, Dies, At Site Of Gansevoort Park Hotel (NY Times)
Bonus Drop Means Manhattan Will Drop 24% From Peak, Says Economist (Bloomberg via TRD)
What Recovers First In The Housing Market? (Forbes)
No Proof That Higher Taxes Cause Rich To Flee (But Why Chance It?) (NY Times)
Even Spitzer Comes Out Of Woodwork To Criticize AIG (NY Times)

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