Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Links

I guess I can't call it morning links today, but it was worth the few miles on foot to get a bunch of new blog material. Here is your Wednesday serving of all the pertinent headlines worth reading. Oh, the phone booth? That's on 66th and West End, one of only 4 remaining functional stand-up phone booths left in Manhattan. And, the phone works!
Steve Madden Overpays For East Side Coop (Observer)
Home Of Rangel, Paterson Seeks Expansion (Observer)
Hotel Builders Turn To City Bonds For Financing Of Last Resort (Observer)
Vornado "Hoarding Cash", Ready To Spend? (NY Post)
Did The Mets Profit From Madoff? (NYDN)
4 Reasons To Buy NYC Real Estate (Nuwireinvestor)
East River Plaza, The East Harlem Mall, Crawls To The Finish Line (NY Times)
Women Charged With Faking Sex Abuse To Win Rent Subsidies (NY Times)
At East River Plaza, Planning Commission Hates America, Or Maybe Betsey Ross (Curbed)
Fulton Transit Center Showing Signs Of Life (Curbed)
Hudson Yards Gets Okay (Architect's Newspaper via Curbed)
Construction Spending Tanks (The Real Deal)
NYC Sees Sharp Drop In New Troubled Loans (The Real Deal)

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