Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Links

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The Party Is Over In Dubai (Real Estate Channel)
Weekly National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)
Africa-Israel Gets "Going Concern" Clause On Financials (Jerusalem Post)
Wall Street Spending Again (WSJ)
Double Dip And "W" Shaped Recovery For Manhattan Real Estate? (NY Post)
$25 Mil. For Elie Hirshfeld's Lily Pond Lane Oceanfront Estate (PR Newswire)
Reverse Mortgages For Coops? (NY Times)
Only 21 Contracts At Solaria Auction, 26 "Winner" End Up Below Reserve Price (Riverdale Press)
Real Estate Developer, Ivy Woolf Turk Gets 5 Years For Ponzi Scam (Courthouse News)
Forgotten By Time And Termites- Houses In NYC (NY Times)
Interview With Rockrose Brother Henry Elghanyahan (NY Times)
A Look At Village Green Development On East 11th (NY Times)Share B

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Back Monday.
Ratner Wins Eminent Domain Case For Atlantic Yards (Crain's)
Northeast Home Sales Soar 25% (NY Times)
Success Of Solaria Condo Auction Still A Mystery (WSJ)
City's Construction Stabilizes (The Real Deal)
City Plans To Rezone Far West Village (Observer)
Last Swaggers? A Hearty Bunch Prices Like It's 2007 (Observer)Share B

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Welcome to the seasonal quite time in NYC real estate. Yes, deals do happen in December, but Thanksgiving to New Year's Day id typically pretty quiet. For buyers, it is a great time to look, as seller psychology turns to fear of a long, cold winter. Truth be told, January is actually a very busy month, but February, dead as can be.
Solaria Auction In Riverdale Looks Like It Was A Success (AMNY)
New Yorkers Consider Residential Energy Savings (NY Times)
FHA Loosens Loan Rules For Condo Buyers (NY Times)
Interview With K. Thomas Elghanayan, TF Cornerstone (NY Times)
After Slow Year, Lux Market Now Has Limited Inventory (NY Times)
High Rents Chase Artists From Soho And Chelsea (Crain's)
National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)
Buyers Take A Beating In Court At Soho Mews (NY Times)Share B

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Morning Links

Jude Law Irked By NYU Dorm Voyeurs (NY Post)
Smoking Ban Up In Flames At Many Clubs (Eater)
Gehry's Beekman Tower Tops Of At 76 Stories (Curbed)
Luxury Properties Hitting The Auction Market (CNBC)
Commercial Real Estate Will Collapse, So Says Forbes Article (Forbes)
FHA Helping With Cheap Loans In Pricey Areas, Like Manhattan (NY Times)
Retail Rents Fall 9% Says REBNY (Bloomberg)
Retail Deals Picking Up (AMNY)
NYC Unemployment Flat At 10.3% (Reuters)Share B

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Morning Linkage

New In Green- Edible Walls! (NY Times)
Coops, Condos See Increased Trip And Fall Lawsuits In Sign Of Times (Brick Underground)
Astoria: Zoning Plan To Keep Heights Down (NYDN)
Trader Joe's Coming To Chelsea (Curbed)
Inside Super Fancy 535 WEA's Wacky Show House (Curbed)
Experts Weigh In On Beleaguered Luxury Market (The Real Deal)
Dakota Not Immune To Price Chops (NY Post)
Corcoran Appeals Ruling That Agents Own Their Clients (Crain's)Share B

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Morning Links Redesigns Website (Curbed)
Cooper Square Hotel Mural Completed, What Were They Thinking? (Curbed)
Drake Hotel Site Remains Empty Lot And Will For A Long Time (NY Times)
JPM Chase To Kick In $1Mil To Repair Storm Damage In Central Park (NY Times)
Trump Abandons Control Bid For Namesake Bankrupt AC Casinos (WSJ)
HBO Series Films Atlantic City Scenes In Brooklyn (
Investors In Rental Apartments Feel the Squeeze (Public Radio)
Roth-Sporn Group Leaves Elliman To Target Foreign Buyers (The Real Deal)Share B

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

School Report Cards Are In! All "A" Grades For UES Elementary Schools (NYC DOE)
London Terrace Residents In Chelsea File Stuytown-Like Suit (Crain's)
Bloomberg Demands Draconian Cuts To City Budget (Crain's)
Only In LIC, Former Garage Happy To Serve You...Muffins (Curbed)
Update On 7 Train Extension (Curbed)
Q&A With Jeff Blau, President Of Related (The Real Deal)
Top Real Estate Pros Say Buy Now, But Don't Be Stupid (The Real Deal)Share B

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Happy Monday everyone! It was a pretty busy weekend in real estate and it seems that all of a sudden there is no shortage of prospective buyers in the marketplace. We had a very good turnout at our open house yesterday for our new Sutton Place exclusive. You can find details on the top right corner of the blog. Hope everyone has a great week.
Bidding Wars Resume (NY Times)
Interview With Robert Gladstone, Developer Of 57 Irving (NY Times)
Conforming Loan Limit Of $729k Extended Through 2010 (NY Times)
Subway Shop Will Rise On Crane With Freedom Tower (NY Post)
Landlords Start To Ban Smoking In Entire Buildings (Curbed)
Trump Soho Foreclosure Imminent? (Curbed)
"Passive House" Concept Catching On For Energy Savings (NYDN)
Shhhh! The Art Of Selling Quietly (The Real Deal)
Moinian Misses Another Payment (Crain's)Share B

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Links

Watching NYC Change One Frame At A Time (NY Times)
City, Sitt Agree To Terms On Coney Island Lot (NY Times)
Costco Opens At East Harlem's East River Plaza (The Real Deal)
Alexico Faces Another ILSA Lawsuit From Attempted Contract Breaker (The Real Deal)
Kohl's Could Save Moinian's 1775 Broadway, If He Can Manage To Keep The Lights On (The Real Deal)
220 CPS May Finally Be Ready For Demo (Curbed)
In The Black, 131 Eighth Ave In Chelsea Resembles "Death Star" (Curbed)
Appreciation Of Graffiti Artist Chico (EV Grieve)Share B

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Links

Regs Re-write Rules To Cushion (Prolong?) Commercial Loan Damage (WSJ)
Madoff's Penthouse Get Price Chop (Bloomberg)
A Talk With Thom Mayne (Time via Curbed)
18 East 68th, The Sloan Mansion Now Available 40% Off (Curbed)
Asking $9.5 Mil For A One Bedroom At The Sherry Netherland (Observer)
Extell Prevails, Landmarks Backs Down Over B.F. Goodrich Building On 57th (Observer)
Rents Drop But Transactions Up According To Citi Habs (The Real Deal)Share B

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back, Finally, Here Are Some Links

Wow that was long 10 days, but feeling nearly completely recovered from my suspected H1N1 case. Not the worst flu in the world, but long lasting for sure. Glad to be back in the saddle.
Wall Street Bonuses Rise As Big 3 May Pay $30 Billion (Bloomberg)
Fewer New Yorkers In Negative Equity Trap (Crains)
From Boats To Boogie Boards, More Madoff Possessions Hit The Auction Block (USA Today)
Solaria Condo In The Bronx Hits The Auction Block Next Week (NYDN)
StuyTown Deal Looks "Defaultier" Than Ever (Observer)
Lincoln Center Renovation Gets Sodded (Curbed)Share B

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Update, Post-ish Swine

Wow, quite a few days. A whole family laid up with probable swine. Still have a couple fevers in the house nearly a week later, but it seems like we are getting over the hump, slowly. So, what did I miss? Before I went down, I was preparing to write a post on how the rental market is still a disaster. I guess I will get to that at some point, but the take away is that the rental market has gotten worse, not better over the past couple of months. For many this is good. Prices are down further and incentives abound.
The jobs report this morning interesting. While the unemployment rate popped up to 10.2%, the worst since 1983, the number of jobs lost in October (190,000) and the 3 month moving average (178,000) has improved markedly since the beginning of the year. While newspaper headlines will scream the headline number and possibly dent fragile consumer confidence to some extent, things still seem to be tracking towards positive job growth some time in the spring. The effect on the NYC real estate industry? In my opinion, such news will only extend the window of opportunity to purchase at compelling prices. It is not a question of if the residential market will recover, but when. While such seemingly bleak news may scare some heading into the dead of winter, be mindful that the comps that we are up against vs. last winter's virtual freeze are weak. Don't be surprised if you start seeing news of apartment sales in NYC up 40% vs. last year in the first quarter. It will sound better than it is. Still, half the battle is psychological, and the weak comps should aid confidence in the NYC market.
Back with more soon..Share B

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sorry bout the lack of bloggage the past couple days, dealing with a mini-pandemic here at home. Hopefully up and running here over the next couple of days.Share B

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rat Attacks Empire State Building!

King Kong, beware!

(Photo Credit: Neil Mori, 11/2/09)Share B

Monday Morning Links

The Tale Of The Rockrose Split, Heads or Tails That Is (NY Times)
Agents Turn To Teamwork (NY Times)
GM Building Naming Rights Open To Highest Bidder (Observer)
West End Avenue A Historic District (Observer)
To Spur Sales Developers Bring In Show Homes (Crain's)
What Happens When You Qualify But Your Apartment Doesn't (NY Mag)
The Allure Of The Wreck (NY Times)
Recovery Or Bump? The Debate Is On (NY Times)
National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)Share B