Thursday, May 13, 2010

New School Unveils Funky Fresh New Renderings

Pics courtesy New School and Skidmore Owings Merrill

65 Fifth, between 13th and 14th Streets has been in full demolition mode the last few months and now comes a clear view of exactly how the new structure will look. Funky and woody to say the least (it's actually brass)! But before you start calling this the world's largest Lincoln Log project, there are some real positive. The building was built as-of-right and required no variances (as opposed to an earlier plan). It also has a substantial setback on the 7th floor a bow to community concerns. Finally, the building is expected to be built to a minimum LEED gold standard, so we are talking green here! When it is done the structure will stand 16 stories, encompass 365,000sf and house 608 dorm beds, an auditorium, library and other university facilities. I guess "Joe- The Art Of Coffee" will have even better days ahead!
More Pics: New School Unveils Design (New School)
Curbed: Hot Model Of 65 Fifth (Curbed)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nolita: Nolitan Hotel Takes Shape

Photo Credit: Julia Staerck

The Nolitan Hotel is expected to open mid-June and by the looks of it, the workers will have to put in a little overtime. There was one big delay along the way that involved the DOB claiming that the building was one story too tall. There was nothing on the net to indicate how this problem was resolved, but it obviously wasn't by chopping the controversial 9th floor off.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ubiquitous Sign Of The Times, More Money, Less Service From MTA

These signs have popped up on just about every bus stop in Manhattan. The service cuts are coming and it doesn't look pretty. Take a close look next time you wait for a bus, and you'll see, it seems like every route is seeing cuts. Maybe this is just another Bloomberg plot to keep people thin? After all, if you rely on Buses like the M8 crosstown in the Village, there will be no weekend service, so you sure will be doing a lot more walking.
Aside from my general disgust at the ineptitude of the MTA to budget, I wonder what the guys at Freakonomics would have to say about the general loss of productivity? Then again, I am writing this as I, um, wait for the bus.
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Union Square: Racking Up For Nordstrom Racked

Around 100 people lined up to be the first to shop Nordstrom's discount sibling, Racked. Shoppers were greeted with warm applause from Nordstrom employees as they entered. There were no great incentives or giveaways that I noticed which is in contrast to the H and M opening last year on 86th Street which drew several hundred. I am the antithesis of a shopper so my take on the place means little, but it struck me as similar to a Century 21. Nothing for me to get excited about, but I am sure it will appeal to many.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Four Injured in 3 Car Pile Up On Bway And 12th

A taxi heading south on Broadway tried to thread the needle a little to thin around 11 30am this morning, clipping a Lincoln Navigator before careening into a parked van. A worker had just climbed into the back of the van and was thrust forward by the impact and stopped by the front windshield of the van. The worker, who 2 bystanders swore they thought was dead, emerged from the van and was cognizant but needed to be hospitalized. 3 taxi passengers were also taken by ambulance for minor injuries.
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