Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dunkin, Now Far Less Nuts!

After numerous articles around the web (many pick-ups of A Fine Blog), community pressure from the likes of the East 86th Street Association, local lawmakers, and perhaps a visit or two from the city, Dunkin Donuts has toned down the excessive signage at the new location on Lexington Ave between 84th and 85th. Gone are all the toppings! No Flag, no sign on the side of the building, no plastic pennants, no sidewalk sign, and no sign dangling from the building. Heck, even Dunkie, the donut mascot has split town. I have to say it is an improvement, and the new establishment doesn't seem to be hurting for business. Apparently, the outrage over overzealous signs doesn't begin and end at Dunkin. Locals have been simmering over various banners around the neighborhood at such retailers as Brookstone and Best Buy to name a couple.

EV News Box Gets Gritty Repurposing!

It may be dated, and perhaps nobody has an interest in The Villager newspaper, but crafty New Yorkers won't let this victim of the digital age, or more likely neglect, go to waste. No, they put waste in it!

Located at 10th Street and Third Avenue.

This post dedicated to EV Grieve, cause I love Grieve's stuff, and thought of Grieve the second I took the pic.

Friday, June 1, 2012

On Leroy Street: Townhouse Eaten By Giant Vine!

This takes "going green" to a whole new level. This townhouse on Leroy Street (St. Luke's Place), east of Hudson has 8 south facing windows, of which, only one is not obscured by the giant green vine that has all but overtaken the property. On a block where townhouse trades are nearing 8 figures, apparently the owner would prefer a sea of green to a sea of kids at the James J. Walker Park across the street.

I guess this is a "green" house primitive style! After all, the foliage will keep the house cooler in summer and when the foliage fades in the winter, the bright southern exposure will warm the house. Or, more likely, just another old school West Village eccentric (with a heck of a piece of real estate).