Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

Madoff Judge Throws Away The Key (Crain's)
Speculation On How Much Madoff's Penthouse Will Fetch, And Who Will Sell It (Curbed)
Car Free Park Ave Coming Back On Saturdays In August (NY Times)
Closing Cross The 75% Point At Hyper-Lux 255 East 74th (Marketwatch)
Macy's Fireworks Move To The West Side (NY Post)
2nd Ave Subway Cause 2nd Set Of Evacuations (NY Post)
45 John Faces Foreclosure Lawsuit (The Real Deal)
Some Hits, Some Misses For Hamptons Property Auctions (The Real Deal)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Madge Gets 28% Discount From Original Ask On Triple Townhouse Buy (NY Times)
Too Good To Be True? Rental Scams Continue (NY Times)
A Profile Of Joe Sitt (Crain's)
Manhattan House Turning The Corner? (Crain's)
Watch Out Madge! Bees Swarm 81st And Lex (NY Post)
Inside The Walls Of The Apthorp (NY Post)
The University That Ate The Village (NY Post)
GE CEO Says The Crisis Is Behind Us! (Bloomberg)
Madoff Sentenced Today (Bloomberg)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Morning Links

Hunters Point Development Inches Closer (Crain's)
Miller Discusses The Appraisal Mess (Clusterstock)
Group Seeks To Limit Bowery Development (Villager)
Manhattan Condo Sales Down 62% Year Over Year (WSJ)
A Look At What Is Left Of The Flower District (NY Times)
Bellweather Gallery Shuts As Wealthy Get Battered (Bloomberg)
Bus And Subway Fare Increases Take Effect This Weekend (Bloomberg)
Existing Home Sales Rise (TRD/CNBC)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Morning Links

America's Most Expensive Homes (Forbes)
Tishman May Lose Land In California After Default (Bloomberg)
MTA Approves Sweeter Deal For Ratner's Yard (Reuters)
Palazzo Chupi Gets Chopped Again, Matt Damon Doesn't Know Coop From Condo (NY Post)
Mott Street Building May Collapse (Curbed)
Mystery Solved! Finally, Details About 14 West 14th (Curbed)
Cool, But Spooky: Video Tour Of James Bailey's 8250 SF Mansion In Harlem (NY Mag via TRD)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Morning Links

Branded: MTA Sells Naming Rights To Brooklyn Train Station (NY Times)
Mighty "Isis" Chops Prices (The Real Deal)
Worldwide Plaza Deal Reported To Have Fallen Apart (The Real Deal)
Gateway Rent Deal Stalled As Deadline Looms (Downtown Express)
"Mr. Angry" Builds Bloomberg Monopoly Game (Queens Crap)
LIC Power Plant May Shut With Labor Unrest (Queens Crap)
Calvin Klein Drops Billboard Of Threesome In Soho (WNBC)
Two More Swine Deaths In NYC, Toll 32 (WNBC)
Elliman Chair On Madoff Victims List (Vanity Fair)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Must Pay! Guidelines Borad Approves 3% (1 Year) and 6% (2 Year) Stabilized Increases

It's official, despite the recession, the rent guidelines board has approved 3% increases for 1 year leases and 6% for 2 year leases for rent stabilized tenants in NYC. The ruling effects nearly One Million tenants. Despite my liberal views, all I can say is cry me a river! If you don't like it, just step out and get yourself a market rate apartment! Despite the rumor from the 80's that we are a capitalist society, somehow New York has perpetuated the backwards-assed concept that a number of us who have lived here for a long time and have little desire to move up, should have the privilege of state-sponsored, below market, price fixing. The result, the rest of us subsidize the lucky Million, and pay more. What a system!
I guess that qualifies as a rant.
More: Renters: It's Official You will Pay More (WNBC)

The Alexander Nears Completion

The rarely mentioned but very successful, The Alexander on 49th and Second continues to rise and shine! The high end condo has posted impressive sales at the $1600+ psf mark and is currently 65% sold. The base of the building is fabricated from terra cotta to match up with the adjacent townhouses on 49th Street. Closings on lower floors are expected by late summer.

Tuesday Morning Links

A little catching up on the links here. Should have a feature story in this afternoon.
The Plaza Is Suddenly As Cold As It Was Hot (NY Times)
Some Big Sales Have Nothing To Do With The Economy (Barbanel/NY Times)
How To Spot A Good Deal (NY Times)
Profile Of Frank Gehry (NY Mag)
Weekly, National, Luxury Real Estate Round Up (Luxist)
Museum Of African Art Begins To Rise On Fifth Ave (Curbed)
Extell Inches Towards Hotel On Chelsea Flea Market Site (Observer)
Building Where Heath Ledger Died Foreclosed (NY Post)
WTC Actually Making Progress (Curbed)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday links will be delayed until later today. I am out on assignment. Happy Monday! More later.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning Links

Broker: Midtown Office Rents Near Low (Bloomberg)
Soho Developer Declares Bankruptcy (Crain's)
City Unemployment Reaches 9%, Most In A Decade (NY Times)
55,000 S.F. Barnes And Noble Opens On 86th Street Today, Replacing Two Stores (WSJ)
Citi Spaces Closes One Office, Squealches Rumors Of More (The Real Deal)
Port Authority Farmers Market Opens (NY Times)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Morning Links

Former Fed Gov Speaks About Importance Of Low Mortgage Rates (Video, CNBC via TRD)
Fourth Riverside South Tower Set To Rise? (Curbed)
Bloomberg Is Golf Obsessed (NY Times)
Evictions Questioned As Lawyer Who Proceeded Against Tenants May Not Exist (NY Times)
City's Coney Plan Gets Important Nod (Crains)
Developer Futterman Donates Free Condo Space To Harlem Youth (Crains)
Noise From Subway Fan Disturbing LIC Residents (Queens Crap)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC Swine Flu Deaths Triple In A Week

If I remember correctly, just a week ago the NYC Dep't Of Health had noted that the 'swine flu in NYC was in decline'. At that point, the number of NYC fatalities related to the epidemic was 8. One week later, the number has tripled to 24 (assuming that you count the NYC woman who flew to Vegas and was hospitalized and died shortly after her arrival). While our local government has been about as forthcoming as Iranian State Television, the numbers seem to be telling a stark story. While the health department no longer sees fit to update on a daily basis, in the span of 4 days between updates, total hospitalizations from the flu grew by 25% and deaths by 50%. Let's just hope that this trend does indeed fizzle like our city government has already pretended that it has.

In the meantime, it sure would be nice to have some clue as to what really killed these people- which "underlying condition" is the kiss of death? What is actual cause of death, etc? And, while this toll is escalating, more frequent and thorough updates would be appreciated.

Revealing: 141 Fifth Losing Its Faux-Cade

Well, it sure was clever while it lasted! But every good idea intended to be temporary has to come to an end. Such is the case with the faux-cade at 141 Fifth Avenue. The Beaux Arts facade was covered in a sheath that replicated the actual facade. The good news is that the real thing looks even better. Props to the developer for keeping things interesting in the meantime. While a pricey building, word has it that it is nearly 90% sold.

Wednesday Morning Links

Extell Files Plans For Tallest Riverside South Tower (The Real Deal)
Wack State Senate Imperils Rent Law (NY Times)
Deutche Bank Forecasts Huge Losses For NYC Real Estate (Time)
Housing Starts Surge In May (Bloomberg)
42nd Street's, The Deuce, Chops Prices (Curbed)
7 Tower Complex Proposed For Astoria's Hallets Point (Curbed)
895 Park Ave Coop Board Turns Down Yet Another $14 Million Buyer (Observer)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

W in FiDi Getting Glassy

Caught these pics this weekend, so I cannot attest as to whether work is in progress (the development has been plagued by stop-work orders). Compared to pictures in the Tribeca Trib back in May, there is progress. It sure looks tall and part glassy. 58 stories will be the final height of this Monian/W effort.

Tuesday Morning Links

Barnes & Noble on East 86th Street expected to open this Friday.

Past Deadline WTC Talks To Continue (Tribeca Tribune)
Global Real Estate Transactions Down 83%, But Pace Of Drop Slows (TRD)
Higher Rates Put Brakes On Refis (TRD)
MoMa Tower Denial Of Approval Approved (Curbed)
Libeskind Builds Prefab Housing, Starting At $2.8 Mil. (NY Times)
Citarella Gets Evicted From Harlem Location (NY Times)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Weekly National Luxury Real Estate Round Up (Luxist)
Second Avenue Subway Sending Bad Vibrations (NY Post)
Monserate Says He's Going Back With Dems, Leaves State Senate in 31-31 Deadlock (NYDN)
R.I.P., Virgin Megastore (NY Times)
Don't Move, Accumulate (NY Times)
Columbus Square Creates A New World, Of Sorts (NY Times)
Higher End Properties Slowly Start Moving (NY Times)
Developers Group And The Real Estate Group Merge (The Real Deal)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Links

Asian Investors To Storm Manhattan (Observer)
Cooper Square Bar...The Video (Curbed)
Glenwood Says Rents Dropped 10%, But Heading Back Up (Observer)
Halstead Gobbles Up Darien Brokerage (Stamford Advocate)
Extell Flips Diamond District Building For Loss, But After Stripping Air Rights (The Real Deal)
East Hampton Town Officials Faces Charges For Misappropriating Funds (NY Post)
Goldman Sachs Stands To Gain $321 Million From WTC Delays (The Real Deal)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NYC Swine Flu Deaths Spike To 12

Who they are, what the exact "underlying health problems" are, and where they are from will probably never be known, but the NYC Health Department announced today 3 more NYC residents have been killed by the swine flu bringing the total to 12.

Wednesday Morning Links

photo: "MSG, Union Square", by Andrew Fine
Rent Stabilization Bill At Risk In New NY Senate (Observer)
Vultures Ready To Pounce On Cheap Commercial Property? (Observer)
2nd Ave Subway Construction Shakes People Out Of Building (NY Post)
"Sully" Cool As Ice In New Cockpit Recording Release (NY Post)
AIG's 70 Pine Bought For Condo Conversion? (Crain's)
Levy Sues Swig (The Real Deal)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

Well, I am officially back. I know, I know, the content has been lacking, but I do have a two-pronged excuse. First, I have moved into a larger office, still at 817 Broadway at the lovely City Space Suites. Love this place! Last week was moving week, and needless to say, chaos ensued. But that is over and I am largely settled. Second, a flu bug. Oh, what dread. No, I don't know if it was the swine, but I figure we've all been exposed by now. I have plenty to say on the swine topic, but I'll save that for some future rant. Let's just say that if it turns into some mega-pandemic next winter, I think New Yorkers will be best off, having already built in widespread immunity.
On the real estate front, I will have a report of sorts out later in the week. Let's just say for now that things appear to be firming a bit off the bottom. I'll be back with more, but in the meantime, here are the morning links. If you click on only one, make it the second one. Time Out New York does a great job of summing up all the great free things to do this summer.
Republicans Wrest Control Of NY Senate (NY Times)
125 Free Things To Do In NYC (TimeOut)
Times Square's Bloomberg Beach Quickly Becoming Pig Sty (NY Post)
High Line Group's Next Target: West Side Yards (NY Post)
Curbed's All Inclusive Expansive High Line Coverage (Curbed)
Bloomberg's Support Waning (NY Times)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Groundbreaking Set For $6 Billion Hudson Rail Project (NY Times)
Is The Panic Over? Some Brokers Say Yes! (NY Times)
Apthorp, Act 2, Celeb Bargain Hunters Step In (NY Times)
Life In The West 80's (NY Times)
Weekly National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)
REDC's Tuxedo Wearing Nutty Auctioneers At It Again (Fox)
Robert A.M. Stern Builds McMansions (NY Times)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Morning Links

Gehry Ousted As Nets Stadium Designer (Crain's)
Investors, Deutsche Bank Buy Macklowe's Worldwide Plaza (WSJ)
Mozilo, Former Countrywide Head, Charged With Mortgage Fraud (Reuters)
High Line To Open Tuesday. Expect Lines? (Curbed)
MacDougal Lofts Selling At $2,000/ft. (Curbed)
Mayne's Cooper Union, Great Civic Work? (NY Times)
Brooklyn Real Estate Market Heading South, Literally (NY Post)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Morning Links

City Lawyer Arrested For Real Estate Fraud (Crain's)
$500 Mil. MSG Reno Actually Happening (Curbed)
Scary: NYC's Future Ghost Towers (The Real Deal)
Visionaire Gets LEED Certification (The Real Deal)
The Closing: Robert A.M. Stern (The Real Deal)
Two More Swine Flu Deaths In NYC (NY Times)
Swine Fears Still Swirl Around The Mets (WPXI)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Fee in NYC Site

We'll be paying a little more attention to one of our offshoots here over the next week or so, NoFeeInNYC.com, and have even launched a twitter account aptly named nofeeinnyc. So feel free to follow @nofeeinnyc on Twitter or check the site www.NoFeeInNYC.com. The site will be used as a method to convey the latest and greatest no fee rental apartments in NYC, primarily Manhattan south of 96th Street.
It is a work in progress, so feel free to fire away with suggestions.

Wednesday Morning Links

Apple's Fifth Avenue Store Is A Goldmine! (Business Insider)
Observer Editor Blasts Times Square Traffic Scheme (Observer)
AIG Said To Have Agreed On Sale Of Downtown Properties (Bloomberg)
Geithner, Facing Tough Sales Market, Rents His Long Island Home (AP)
Flatiron Retail Rents Deflate Bt 29% (NY Times)
Manhattan Foreclosures Continue At Virtually Nil, NYC Foreclosures Down Year Over Year (Curbed)
Who Runs This Town? It's Barack Obama, Of Course (Observer)
What's New At Coney? (Observer)
Member Of Mets Travelling Party Quarantined With Swine Flu (MLB Fanhouse)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

Diller, Von Furstenberg Donate $10 Million To High Line (NY Times)
Landfill Near JFK Could Become 118 Acre Solar Field (NYDN)
Isis Tops Off (Curbed)
Iconic DKNY Skyline Mural On Houston Fades To Gray (Curbed)
First Resale Of 15 CPW D-Line Asks Triple The Dec 2007 Closing Price (TRD)
Swine Flu Hits Vogue (Daily Intel)

Monday, June 1, 2009