Tuesday Morning Links

Well, I am officially back. I know, I know, the content has been lacking, but I do have a two-pronged excuse. First, I have moved into a larger office, still at 817 Broadway at the lovely City Space Suites. Love this place! Last week was moving week, and needless to say, chaos ensued. But that is over and I am largely settled. Second, a flu bug. Oh, what dread. No, I don't know if it was the swine, but I figure we've all been exposed by now. I have plenty to say on the swine topic, but I'll save that for some future rant. Let's just say that if it turns into some mega-pandemic next winter, I think New Yorkers will be best off, having already built in widespread immunity.
On the real estate front, I will have a report of sorts out later in the week. Let's just say for now that things appear to be firming a bit off the bottom. I'll be back with more, but in the meantime, here are the morning links. If you click on only one, make it the second one. Time Out New York does a great job of summing up all the great free things to do this summer.
Republicans Wrest Control Of NY Senate (NY Times)
125 Free Things To Do In NYC (TimeOut)
Times Square's Bloomberg Beach Quickly Becoming Pig Sty (NY Post)
High Line Group's Next Target: West Side Yards (NY Post)
Curbed's All Inclusive Expansive High Line Coverage (Curbed)
Bloomberg's Support Waning (NY Times)


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