A. Fine Up For Halstead's "Top Tweeter" Award

Hey all. I know, I know, it's been a while. But, fear not, A. Fine Blog will be back in full swing over the coming weeks. I've seen and heard from many of the blog's fans over the past few months with nothing but words of encouragement to blog away! I thank all of you. My transition to SVP at Halstead has nearly reached the one year mark, and not only have I been busy, but such a transition has been more work than I have anticipated. It took me more than a year to decide to move here, and I weighed the positives of joining every major firm. The good news is that it was one of my very best decisions. The marketing here is top notch and far-reaching. The support and experience of management is without comparison. After evaluating all the majors, Halstead was an easy decision. I think those considering my services will feel the same way.

I can say now that I am settled in, and ready to fully leverage the various advantages that I have built with blogging and outreach on social media. While I may have been low profile on A. Fine Blog recently, I have managed to build up quite a Twitter following. To date, I have 2173 followers, and if you don't follow I encourage you to do so, as it is like A. Fine Blog in little pieces. Apparently, the number of followers amassed to date puts me at the top of the heap at Halstead, and in consideration with four other exceptional tweeters for Halstead's "Top Tweeter" award. The award will be presented this Wednesday, and I will be live tweeting the event. The four other tweeters are @Reneefishman, @keithmarder, @maxbreezy, and @sarahfparsons. They are all exceptional, and all well worth a follow!

That's it for housekeeping, back to blogging!


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