Digging Dirt And Having A Blast At 217 West 57th

May 1st, 2014 (A. Fine)

May 1st, 2014 (A. Fine)

The Future!

And so starts our installment series on 217 West 57th Street, what will soon assume the crown of tallest residential building in North America, and in my book, the tallest tower in NYC. Yep, guess I am one of those that don't count spires! Sorry World Trade. At 1550 feet tall, 217 will take the title from 432 Park Avenue which will have held the title for the blink of an eye.
Extell has cleared the lot and begun to dig, dig, dig. In spots they have managed to dig approximately 60 feet down. According to a construction worker on the site, for those peskier spots, blasting starts today! Let's get ready to ruuummmbbllle!
Behold the wide gap between 57th Street and CPS created by both 217 and the future 940 foot condo at 220 CPS. This pedestrian view of Central Park from 57th Street is to disappear soon, so, if you don't have the big money to buy the view, have a look at it now while it is free!
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