The Wraps Are Off 151 East 78th

151 South Face (A. Fine 8/2015)

151 Top East (A. Fine 8/2015)

151 Top West (A. Fine 8/2015)

The wraps are finally off at 151 East 78th Street, the elegant Pre-War reproduction condo with extraordinary pricing and lightning fast sell-through. Architect, Peter Pennoyer did a pretty kick ass job here, don't you think? This fits in rather well in the Metropolitan Hill section of the UES, and the $3200/psf+ is right on target for the hood as well. Just waiting for the granite and limestone base to put the icing on the cake!
Metropolitan Hill Development-O-Rama (Jan, 2015)
Curbed Files for 151 East 78th (Curbed)


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