Major East 86th Street Association Sanitation Initiative Backed and Funded By Ben Kallos

From Left: Stephen Calder (Deputy Chief DSNY), Council Member Ben Kallos, Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, Andrew Fine (East 86th Street Association), Ricky Cyrus (DSNY District 8 Chief).

From, By Andrew Fine, May 26th, 2017.
We are pleased to announce that District 5 Council Member Ben Kallos has secured funding to transition all 5th District corner trash receptacles from the old wire baskets to the new, larger cans housed in green metal cases. The new cans with domed top and smaller opening increases capacity, prevents spillage and deters rats. The 284 new cans announced today is in addition to the 38 announced last June and the 13 recently lobbied for by @East86th along Lexington Avenue. 
For the past several years, the East 86th Street Association has lobbied local officials and the Department of Sanitation for larger cans and increased pick-ups in the neighborhood. We are happy that these efforts are now bearing fruit.
Council Member Kallos adds ""It is a pleasure to have partners like the East 86th Street Association, they are a true asset to the community, " Its board members have been crucial in keeping me up to speed on the cleanliness of the neighborhood and have pushed for more trash cans. Thank you to the East 86th Street Association for their support and commitment to keeping Upper East Side streets as clean as possible."
On behalf of the East 86th Street Association we extend a very well deserved thank you to the Council Member and Commissioner Garcia. We greatly appreciate your receptiveness to our common concerns and especially appreciate that you have taken decisive actions to address those concerns. Many of the new cans have already been deployed in recent weeks and the improvement in local sanitation is noticeable. 


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