A Legacy To Behold

The Legacy, on East 84th Street between 3rd and Lex has been unveiled. I passed the building last night, and to my surprise, the scaffolding was gone, and the VIPs were rolling in, paparazzi and all. I thought I would try to invite myself as well, but was politely told that this was the developer's party and that brokers would be invited next week. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the sheet of glass exterior designed by renowned Architect Costas Kondylis. The building, formerly a parking garage, doesn't exactly fit in with the architecture in the area, but it struck me as decidedly unoffensive and to a large degree appealing. Rumor has it that the 7 story structure will house 7, ultra-luxury, 5000 sq ft homes priced up to $1400 per square foot. The building is reported to have a doorman, common roof space, fitness center, wine cellar, and more. Sales will be handled by Carrie Chang of Corcoran. I will report back with the actual numbers as they come available.


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