New Nabe, The Venerable "Metropolitan Hill" Is Born, Unless You Tell Me Otherwise...

On my last blog, we were trying to make sense of Upper East Side map so that each inch fell into a specific neighborhood for the purpose of making searches of the area easier, and to eliminate nameless tracts of land that just confused native and naïve alike. With just a few adjustments to the borders of Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, and Lenox Hill we were left with just one nameless, yet very crusty hood with no name. The borders are 77th Street to 86th Street form Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

Thanks to my friends over at Curbed there were numerous names generated, including the first three from the Curbed staff and more from Curbed followers:

Lululemonland (if you are wearing Champion you are in the wrong hood)
Metville Hill
CarNox Hill
Upper Crust Side
EMu (East of the Museum)
BAM (Blocks around the Met)
Central Park East
Miner's Gate (love the reference to the park entrance on 79th)

Okay, I left out a few of the more vulgar suggestions, I'll admit. I've come up with a few of my own:

Sinclair Hill (after the Sinclair Mansion on 79th + Fifth)
Madonnaville (strike a pose)
The Met
Dukesville or Duke Hill
Roth Hill (for Emory Roth, but he didn't do much right there)
Candella Hill (for Rosario Candella, who has)
Museum Mile
Spitzerland (couldn't resist and he lives on 79th)
Bloom-Burg (couldn't resist and he also lives on 79th)

But, alas, despite all the rich and famous, the mansions and the history, The Metropolitan Museum of Art dominates the Western expanse of this very regal hood, and is one of the great cultural institutions in the world! And, it's still on a hill, not to be one upped by Lenox Hill or Carnegie Hill. So, I'll say the jury is still out and we welcome all suggestions. Until then, I will call this fine neighborhood "Metropolitan Hill." Let me know if you think we should roll with this, or if you have a better idea.

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.....P.S. Just a heads up, more comments on Curbed's FB page, so can't hurt to like it.


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