New Hudson Yards 7 Train Station and Park in 17 Pictures!

Entrance (A. Fine 9/2015)
The new 7 train extension to Hudson Yards (34th Street and 11th Avenue) is quite impressive. The station is modern, clean, climate controlled, and sports an extra wide platform, tons of escalators and a couple of elevators that travel at 45 degrees. Above ground is a spiffy park on the new Street, Hudson Boulevard. The park is well landscaped, has tons of benches, fountains, tables and even a lawn. The pictures say it all! 

Entry (A. Fine 9/2015)
Fountains (A. Fine, 2015)
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Entry Mosaic (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Video Ads (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Mezzanine (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Platform (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Elevator Shaft (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Park (A. Fine 9/2015)

Cranes Everywhere looking South (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Lawn (A. Fine 9/2015)

More Cranes (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Escalator Mosaic (A. Fine, 9/2015)

Passage way (A. Fine, 9/2015)

More Fountains (A. Fine, 9/2015)

This is what a clean subway bench looks like (A. Fine 9/2015)

And, more cranes (A. Fine, 9/2015)

That's all, folks! Worth a visit!


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