Monday, November 26, 2007

Tisserie on Union Square: Awesome On 2nd Try

I'm not much for sweets and pastries, yet with Tisserie's proximity to my office (across the street), and it's impressive design, I was intrigued and eager for it's opening a few months ago. I heard about the exorbitant amount of money that was spent (in the millions was the rumor) to build it out. On my first visit, I wondered how they ever hoped to recoup the costs. I had a pastry which for me was too sweet, and a mini-brownie that was pretty tasty. I had also noticed the prices were on the high end, and I wasn't interested in a $3 bottle of Perrier. It seemed like all they had was pastries and coffee, and I didn't understand how it would keep them afloat. That was until yesterday. It seems that the selection has grown dramatically. There are all sorts of gourmet sandwiches (very tasty), a wide variety of quiche, even personal pan pizzas. The only thing that was missing was a simple french "jambon sandwich", which you see in pastry shops in Paris- I'll have to talk to them about this. I plan on trying everything. I can't say that they'll master everything, but I'm sure they have mastered at least a few things. The mini brownies at 75 cents each are a bargain and keep me coming back, but the topper was an absolutely awesome almond croissant that I had yesterday. It was so good that I have been virtually obsessed since. I'm drooling thinking about it. OK, that's it, I'm going back for another!!!!

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