NYC Schools Report Cards In: PS 290 tops PS 6?

The NYC Board of Education released it's annual school report cards and controversies and shockers abound. One that stuck out to me, being a parent of 2 future elementary schools students on the Upper East Side, was that PS 290 (The New School) was rated an "A" while often lauded PS 6 (The Lillie D. Blake) was rated a "B". The newest ratings seem to reflect a shift in long-term thinking which long regarded PS 6 as the superior school that everyone wanted to send their kids to. The PS 6 district is mainly West of Lexington Avenue in the richest area of NYC, while PS 290 is mostly East of Lex, not quite as rich, but certainly not shabby. While the report cards may come as a shock to some, I wasn't surprised. I actually had a conversation with a parent in my building a couple of months ago who told me that they moved within the neighborhood from the 6 district to the 290 district intentionally. I have also heard rave reviews of late from parents with children enrolled in 290. The good news is, that if you are moving to the UES, all options for public education are terrific. Real Estate agents are abuzz about the ramifications of the report cards all over the city. To see how your local school has fared, check the first link courtesy of The New York Times.
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  1. This article is clearly real estate spam. Obviously placed here by a broker who has listings in the 290 zone. 6 has better facilities. However, both schools are excellent and the students from both all live within a few blocks of one another. Note that PS. 6 property values are higher.

  2. Not spam and no listings in 290 zone. Notice the question mark after the title. Also not that I was reporting on articles from the NY Times and Daily News, both linked at the bottom of the page. 6 has always been regarded as the preferred school, but 290 has made strides. If I had a choice I would go with 6, and I am in the 290 zone myself. I wasn't in love with 290 primarily because of overcrowding and limited facilities although I hear that the teachers are fantastic.


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