What's The Deal With..That Huge Building On 23rd + 3rd?

It's been 8 months or so since anyone has really talked about it, yet, the huge (approx. 260,000 sf), development by J. D. Carlisle on 23rd and 3rd looks like it is nearing completion. Last we heard, rumor had it that the building was a condo and that only Irish investors were initially offered the chance to buy.
Well, according to my inquiry today, despite the tentative name of "Gramercy Green", Carlisle tells me that there are no Irish involved, and it will not be a condo either. Carlisle is targeting a spring opening for the high end rental building of approximately 300 units. Prices have not been set. Kind of a shame as there are a dearth of condo options in Gramercy.


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