Golfer or not, there is no denying that The Maidstone Club's golf course is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Of course, if you don't have Hundreds of Thousands of dollars laying around, years of patience, and tons of upper-crustic references, the only way you will get on is by invitation of a member, or on one of the few occasions per year that the club generously opens it's grounds to simpletons like me for a charity event. That was the case last week when the event was open for The East Hampton Rotary Club. This was my second year participating, and just the mere recollection of being in such a place will put a smile on my face. The course is laid out along the Atlantic Ocean and an inlet called Hook Pond amongst some of the priciest and most desirable Real Estate in the world. The Johnsons, of J & J fame, have a Mansion just steps from the Western edge of the course. I had the delight of partying in that Mansion as a teenager, but that's another story. Between the pond, the homes, the ocean, the sand dunes, and an incredible variety of vegetation and wildlife native to the area there is no better place to golf. If you can find your way on one way or another, do it!


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