Brompton vs. Lucida, Round 2: Brompton Takes The Lead (sort of)! And, Now That's A Hole!

Lucida...May 12th, 2007Brompton May 12th, 2007The Lucida Hole
It didn't seem likely a month ago, but in the showdown of East 86th Street, The Brompton has clearly taken the lead in terms of construction, at least. What has happened? It seems that The Brompton has started building up (just got above street level), while The Lucida keeps going down, down, down. 60 or 70 feet down in fact. It is a really impressive hole, I know they are going to have a wine cellar, but this is a little overboard. What could be going down there? Well, there was no real answer from the on site, who when asked what was going down there, her answer was "nothing". I know Barnes and Noble is going to build a huge bookstore in there, almost as big as the one at Union Square, but you'd have to figure that a fair amount will be ground level. Feel free to speculate on the comments section of this post, I'd be interested to see what you come up with.

It's not all bad for the Lucida though, it's reported in The Times on Sunday (May 13th) that they have sold 60% of the 110 units in just a matter of a few weeks. So, related may be winning the race to the sky, but Extell's green machine is filling the til and quick.


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