The Observatory, East Harlem Mystery Condo

Considering that this building on 104th and 1st Avenue has apparently topped off, it is a mystery to me that I could not find one reference to this condo on Google. Never satisfied, a little additional research lead me to the website of the architect, Gary H. Silver. His website provides this information:
"2021 1st Avenue aka The Observatory — Sensitivity to the environment is an appealing contribution to the up and coming neighborhood of East Harlem. This development will be one of East Harlem’s first Green condominium projects. Observatory Place is a mixed use, eleven story building containing both commercial and residential spaces fronting on First Avenue and a residential lobby. The 2nd- 11th floors will be built with windows on three facades: South, East and West allowing for the maximum amount of light and air to penetrate the building and bring in views of downtown Manhattan and the East River on upper levels. Set backs and projections on the floor plan allow for terraces and balconies at nearly each unit. This unique design reveals itself as one building set within another building. The benefit of this design is that the terraces and balconies become concealed within the “outer building”, serving the units as comfortable and privatized outdoor areas. The thirty-eight luxury residential units will also be privy to additional building services such as a gym on the 9th floor roof level, a landscaped roof at the 11th floor roof level, and a modern residential lobby with a doorman which is connected to refrigerated Fresh Direct storage as well as bike storage."

As much as the location at 103rd and First leaves much to be desired, I believe that this building sends an unmistakable message- It doesn't matter where in Manhattan it is, they will build a luxury condo there. Assuming that the units are priced correctly, there seems to be nothing but upside.


  1. Hi - I also couldn't find any info about this until I found your blog. Do you have any idea when this will be completed and about pricing?

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  3. What a stunning condo building this is.

    Paula M


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