Brompton vs. Lucida, Round 5, Lucida above Grade, Brompton on 14th fl!

Well, the Brompton continues to improve on it's lead, as they are now working on the 14th floor, however, The Lucida is now at least above ground! It's been almost 5 weeks since I last reported on this epic duel, and The Brompton has added 5 stories, so, at that rate The Brompton should be topping off by the end of October- pretty impressive! Brompton has also begun to add some of it's sandstone looking base. Looking at the Brompton diagonally across the street from Papaya King, it is an impressive sight. It looks larger and more masculine in real life than it does in the renderings. Still, I think it will be a welcome replacement to the hodge-podge a seedy stores that once occupied the spot. Although The Brompton has not gone full-scale on the marketing just yet, it appears to be selling quickly, and yes, prices have already seen their first couple of rounds of amendments.

The Lucida, on the other hand, is finally moving up. I'm sure residents of The Ventana are thankful, as it seemed that Lucida had some of the thickest bedrock in town to pile drive away at- it's got one solid foundation, that's for sure. The building has finally begun it's ascent, and is above grade, just like it's sales effort, which has been above grade for some time now!

In case you haven't heard, it looks like H+M, Sephora, and a massive Barnes and Noble will occupy the retail space at Lucida. The Brompton, on the other hand, will be far more subdued on the retail front, with, you guessed it a bank to occupy the retail space.


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