The Beach Is Open!!! Water Taxi Beach, That Is!

Summer is sneaking up on us and it is now time to hit the beach. The weekly ritual of packing our bags and more or less blowing off the end of the week to get to the beach early is here.

Don't have a place in the Hamptons or on the Jersey Shore? No worries. All you have to do is hop on the ferry at 34th Street or hop the 7 train for 1 stop from Grand Central, and your beach awaits. That beach, of course, is Long Island City's "Water Taxi Beach". It's a bit campy, but who can deny the pleasure of cheap beer, hot dogs, and beach volleyball so close to the center of Manhattan? Outside of Dubai or perhaps Miami, it can be said that no other beach has a better skyline view, and some very accomplished DJs too. So, if you are stuck in the city on the long Memorial Day weekend, or any other weekend this summer, you can still make it to the beach without the annoying commute. The season opens tomorrow night.


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