Long Island City "Mystery" Condo Goes Green

The Cetra/Ruddy, ultra-lux condo is suddenly green! I'd have to assume that they are going with a 2nd layer of insulation. The LIC condo, affectionately nicknamed the "Mystery Condo" is delaying it's official opening til September, although it's name will be revealed this month. I know the name, but in return for my continued secrecy, I have been promised that I can break the story later, and it will not be called the Green monster, i can promise you that. Perhaps they are playing cat and mouse- waiting to see how Rockrose's "The View" does when it opens it's sales office later this month, or maybe they want "Hunters View" to be cleaned out when they open.
Also, The Star Tower, which promises to be LIC's first ultra-lux high rise (25 stories), should open to the general public around the 3rd week of May.
The offerings in LIC keep getting more and more luxurious and more and more expensive. It should prove to be an interesting Summer/Fall season.
Update (5/14)..An abundance of details have come available for the Star Tower, call us at 212-675-1111 for the scoop.


  1. LIC is way overpriced. Manhattan prices are coing down and so will LIC or they will remain empty for a long time. Ec3 Will not sell out At $750, never mind $1000+


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