Friday Morning, I'm Back!

Hey folks! I am back from vacation and ready to roll! It is a slow news time throughout the country with a seemingly universal vacation underway, but I will try to keep it lively with some fresh content over these slow times. It has actually been a busy summer with a surge of interest in sales, especially under $1 Million. It will be interesting to see if the mid-range $1 Mil.- $4 Mil. picks up after Labor Day, as I have a hunch it will.
City Adds Jobs, Unemployment Rate Up (Crain's)
Morgan Stanley Hiring! (AP)
Missing: College Grads Moving To Manhattan (TRD)
Kohl's Looking Into Manhattan Location (Reuters)
Brinkley, Joel Compete For High End Buyers Out East (Newsday)
Dick Fuld Profits On Sale Of Co-Op (TRD)
In Waldorf Towers, NYC's Most Expensive, Bland Rental (Curbed)


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