135 East 79th Soaring To New Heights

As you can see from the pictures above, Brodsky Organization is wasting little time in erecting it's new 19 story mega-lux highrise on 79th between Park and Lex. The building is modeled on, and a tribute to the old school prewar buildings that line the nearby neighborhood.
Details have been coming in fast and furious today and are frankly too numerous to mention in one short post. Some highlights include:
- East and West elevator banks that will leave each apartment with its own private landing.
- European-inspired court yard replete with urns.
- Hand-laid limestone exterior.
Okay, that is just a few, but here is more breaking news on 135 East 79th, the building is expected to be completed by next fall, and everyone should be in by the holiday next year at the latest. Better yet, I have some initial pricing. The smallest apartment will be a 2750sf 3 bedroom/3bath with dining room for $6,850,000. The initial median pricing in the building is $3300/psf, while the 3700sf Mansionettes will only set you back $2400/ft.. I am told by a very reliable source that the finishes here will top The Touraine, The Brompton, and The Lucida by a significant margin. The initial pricing on the bottom nine floors is comparable to the current asking at the Lucida, however, as you go up, you can assume the prices do as well. One thing is clear, not only is 135 East 79th going for the gold standard in finishes, it is going for it in pricing as well. But, if the action that we saw at The Touraine is any indication, it would seem that these sky high expectations are well within reach.
I will be updating as more details, renderings, etc. come available.
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