Dirt Flies at de Portzamparc's Future 400 Park Glassterpiece!

Getting dirty at 400 PAS (A. Fine)
The site, 400 PAS (A Fine)
The design (NYCDOB)
The rendering (grifted from Curbed)
Is anyone noticing a trend here? Toll Brothers is clearly changing. The builder, once (and to many still currently) known as a McMansion builder extraordinaire, who happened to be building some fairly pedestrian condos in NYC, has clearly had a change in tact. This change, given Toll's increased activity in the city over the past number of years, is great for the city. Examples? Anyone see The Touraine on 65th and Lex? The pre-war reproduction is a stunning, tasteful and very high end compliment to its surroundings. But, what really warms my heart is that this year Toll, with cooperation from Equity Residential, decided to move forward with what architect Christian de Portzamparc calls one of his favorite designs. Yes, some may complain that it is another one of those all glass numbers, but to me it is a sharp, stunning, and compelling design. It is far from ordinary.

Now, finally, cement trucks are lining up one after another, and the foundation is being built. The final result will be 416,000 square feet of residential space rising to 40 stories or 427 feet. The bottom 20 floors will be 265 apartments owned by Equity Residential, and the top 20 floors will be 100 condos owned by Toll. In an area that has come a long way in a short period, this Glassterpiece will be a welcome addition!

Curbed Files on 400 PAS (Curbed)
Toll, Equity To Stick With de Portzamparc's 400 PAS Design (The Real Deal, 2/2012)
Schedule A (NYCDOB)


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