Brodsky's 135 East 79th To Go Old School Classic


Picked this up from my friends over at Curbed this week. I admit it, I hate when they beat me to the punch, but I'll give credit where credit is due. Turns out that Brodsky Org's new condo on East 79th, West of Lex, will be a tribute of sorts to the old school prewar style of building that is prevalent in the immediate area. The building looks like an Emory Roth or Candela creation, at least what we can tell from the above rendering. While 19 stories, there will only be 36 units with prices likely starting at $6.8 Million and continuing through the stratosphere. The estimated starting price is $3,000 per square foot, but it wouldn't be a big surprise for those numbers to quickly get bid up when the units come to market. I am not necessarily enamoured by the grey color, but I admit that I am thrilled to see a re-imagined classic style. The foundation is in place and the project is about 20 out of the ground. With another "contemporary classic", 200 East 79th Street topped a block away, I think the owners in the area have to be thankful that the two new additions are both tasteful, and real nice for property values.
135 East 79th (Teaser)
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