Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Morning Links And Comment

Hey folks. Sorry about the lack of insightful posts this week. Turns out we have gotten rather busy and I have been short staffed with a couple of key agents on vacation. So, I have been running all over town. I have isolated a couple of exceptional values in LIC which I am focusing on and have also found come across an exceptional crop of under priced sponsor units (no board approval co-ops) in Manhattan which I am trying to match up with clients. That being said, I have a backlog of blog posts which I hope to get to later today or this weekend. I thank everyone who contacted me with their ideas and I am working to get those on the web soon.
The Port Authority Office Tower- Meet The Contestants (Curbed)
Soaring Above Central Park In A Balloon (Gothamist)
Housing Bill Has Something For Nearly Everyone (NY Times)
NYC Beaches Make Comeback (AMNY)
NYC Drops To 22nd "Most Expensive City" (Crain's)

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