5Sl #3R, The Video

5Sl #3R, $849,000. from Andrew Fine on Vimeo.
I went a little all out on this one. Although I feel like a bit of a goof on video, (oh yeah, it adds pounds, or I'm just plain fat), I thought it would be helpful for people to get a feel of the apartment without having to take time out from a busy schedule to see it in person. If it is appealing, they will come. I used a professional cameraman, and professional editors who usually edit reality tv on cable. I think the finished product turned out decent. It was my first shot at this sort of thing and I only did 2 takes, something I'd spend more time on next go round. I also have a Hunters Point montage in the works which will be out of production by next week. Again, I am just trying to help and educate, and if it is appealing people will react positively. We'll see. Judging by the response so far, I'd do it again.


  1. It's not bad. Hollywood?

  2. Andrew it's nice to read a blog that would proffer solutions and encourage ideas. Most other blogs and sites would rather scream like chicks that the sky is falling. I think we will be fine.

  3. Get a better cameraman and editor. If they feature it correctly the apt. will do all the talking. my restaurant used Hammel Media who are in the LIC area. Or at least get someone with better lighting!


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