Update: Things Going Swimmingly At Georgica Condo

A few months back, I highlighted Georgica Condo up on 85th Street and Second Avenue, the condo with a kitchen that, in my book, is up for my "Kitchen Of The Year" prize. Well, a few months on, it's fair to say that things are proceeding swimmingly for the condo with a beach name. I spoke with Rob Kaliner, the president of Ascend Group this morning, and the developer is "very happy" with the way that things are going so far. The building is already better than 30% sold, and he expects that after the traditionally slow summer season, the fall "will be a whole new ballgame". While summer traffic is never fantastic, Mr. Kaliner is happy with the quality of buyer who is coming to Georgica Condo (when they are not on Georgica Beach).
I passed by the building this morning and it is certainly moving along. Twelve stories and counting. Oh, and the double cantilever- hot!
Condo Preview: The Georgica (3/27/08, A. Fine Blog)


  1. "whole new ballgame"

    As in they'll be COMPLETELY fucked...

    They're bragging about the fact that 70% of their apartments are unsold and busy season just ended?

  2. I wouldn't count on it my friend. In fact, I would project that they are 70% sold by mid-October. I'd be willing to bet a six pack of imports on it. It's a great building, priced right for the area, and it's in an arguable better location than Brompton and Lucida (not fronting 86th). And, remember Brompton and Lucida sold through quickly at higher prices and they are gone.

  3. Neither the Lucida or Brompton are sold out. It took them 2 years to get where they are now, so while they are getting close, it was hardly a slam dunk. As for this project, selling the first 30% is the easy part. Most of that was more than likely friends and family (reduced pricing). Not sure why you have such love for this building. Not only is it ugly, the finishes suck. While I am not a huge fan of the Lucida or 86th Street, I would much rather be over there than on 1st Ave. My 2 cents.

  4. I have passed this building on many occasions and I think that the cantilever looks incedibly tacky.

  5. Tough crowd!
    #3- I think you must have The Georgica confused with the Azure on 1st Ave. The Georgica's finishes are great. Double check georgicalife.com and get back to me.
    Again, some time in October I'd venture that they will be 70% sold or better.

  6. What about now? Changing marketing companies midstream is never a good sign.

  7. What about now? No new contracts signed in many, many months!

  8. and now??? andrew...u there??????


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