Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Links

Three. Three is the total number of Manhattan homes seized through foreclosure during the 2nd Quarter of this year. There is little doubt that the outer boroughs have had an increase in foreclosure "notices" and actual foreclosures, but you never seem to get the positive out of the media, do you? In fact, with all the dramatic headlines, a thorough Google search could not even yield the comparable number of Manhattan foreclosures in the 2nd Quarter of last year. That doesn't sell newspapers. Good news is only a footnote. At least you heard it here- Three is the number of foreclosures in Manhattan- what, you're not scared?
Staten Island Foreclosures Soar, Manhattan- Not So Much (Crain's)
Housing Rescue Package On Track For Weekend Passage (Yahoo News/AP)
Extell Talking To Costco About Riverside South Location? (Observer)

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