Monday, July 28, 2008

Union Square Park Gets Dirty- Japanese Pagoda Trees Could Appear Within A Month

North side of Union Square Park 7/28/08

Japanese Pagoda Tree (

Work has been progressing at a feverish pace on the north end of Union Square Park. The length of the north end has been dug, pipes and drainage removed or reworked, the curb cut is in, and now soil is beginning to fill the ditch for tree pits. According to a construction foreman on site the Japanese Pagoda trees could be planted as soon as a month from now. A total of 21 of these 20' trees (which grow to 40' tall and 40' wide) will line both the north and west side of the park. Looking at renderings, it would appear that 9 will be on the north end and 12 on the west side. A representative for the Union Square Partnership was non-committal on the exact timing, but he did confirm that the first 9 trees will be in by fall. Additionally, it is planned that the entire north end- pavers, trees and all, is expected to be complete in time for the Holiday Market which starts around Thanksgiving.
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Union Square Partnership Brochure For Renovation (PDF File)


  1. God bless New York Film Academy, with it's cheap and transient banner hung right over that classy "Wines and Liquors" store.

  2. LOL. The Tammany crew must be spinning in their graves!

  3. I think a nice initiative for Union Square Park

  4. The Pagoda Tree is a cool and beautiful tree, I would love to see the park now with all the tress in place.