Accidental Indulgence..El Paso Taqueria

Last Sunday, I was on the 6 train uptown, looking for something to kill time on the ride. I grabbed my treo and started editing 2 years of photos. It turned out to be a great way to kill time, so much in fact that when I first looked up not only had I missed my stop at 86th Street, the doors were closing at 96th. Next stop 103rd Street. It was then that I decided to turn a negative into a positive, as I had read about a "hole in the wall" Mexican eatery named El Paso Taqueria at 104th and Lex, and what better opportunity to try it out than then. Having spent 4 years in Southern California, I was spoiled by authentic Mexican cuisine and have had extreme difficulty finding the same in New York. I'm not talking stuffy, Rosa Mexicano-style, fancy and opinionated dishes, I've been looking for a real deal authentic Carne Asada Taco, the kind you find at street stands in Ensenada, Mexico and in Los Angeles. To my delight, it has been found at El Paso Taqueria! The taco is the classic chopped steak on a double corn tortilla with just the right amount of cilantro and onion...just like in old Mexico. The Verde (Green) Salsa was also exceptional, the thought of it is making my mouth water as I type. The restaurant was clean, full, and uninspiringly simple (just the way we like them). You can bet I'll be paying less attention to my stop on the train so I can sample the rest of the menu. Enjoy!


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