Congestion Pricing Comeback?

It appears that Congestion Pricing is back. According to both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Spitzer a deal has been reached. What kind of deal? A deal to form a committee, of course. So they have figured out how to make a deal without making a deal. This way, Bloomberg can go to the feds and try to get the $500 Million that we were supposed to lose out on earlier in the week.
Don't get me wrong, I'm fully in favor of Congestion Pricing, I just think it should be thought out alot better. Trucks should have designated parking, higher fees, and much higher fines for idling and double parking, and residents of the zone should be exempt from the fee because you can't help that you happen to live in the zone, and you should not be forced to pay a toll to drive around the block! Bike lanes and tax incentive to own a bike should also be included. Apparently no real details will be worked out until March of next year at the earliest, hopefully it's enough time to get it right!
WNBC: Analysis: Deal OKs Congestion Pricing -- Minus The Pricing
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Crain's: NY officials in congestion pricing pact


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