Adios Krispy Kreme! Good not knowing you.

There is hope after all, that at least on the island of Manhattan, perhaps the entire population will end up moribund and obese! Yes, the Krispy Kreme on 84th and 3rd has closed it's doors, leaving only one (at Penn Station) left in New York City. It would be easier to hate on if it wasn't a franchise, but nonetheless, I no longer have to deal with that nasty donut stench that I had to endure 1 block and several stories away. Besides, Krispy Kreme, the fat-assed, middle America donut doesn't belong here anyway. They don't even spell donut the way we do (they spell it doughnut). If you want to mourn, "Old Fashioned Donuts" which was wiped out with Extell's aquisition of the Lucida condo site was the one to cry about. Now I'm not a donut fan, but if you are in serious need, take a drive out to East Hampton, better yet, bike out there, it's only 100 miles, and get yourself a Dreesen's Donut on Newtown Lane. At least that way you won't notice the several hundred calories and you'll actually enjoy the taste.

Now about that McDonald's next door....


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