The Brompton Condo grows a belly!

Good news on many fronts for The Brompton condo going up on 85th and Third. First, the structure is nearly 9 stories above ground, and as the picture indicates the cantilever over the Equinox/Gap building has been established. Secondly, although they have not gone full-blown on the marketing effort yet, the sales office is open and sales have begun in earnest. The difference between the temporary and permanent sales office is enormous. The temporary sales office had only sketchy renderings and boxes of materials that were understated and confusing. The new sales office is one of the most luxurious that I have encountered. Located at the base of Related's Carnegie Park building on 93rd and Third, this office absolutely exudes luxury, wealth, and opulence. They have a full mock-up of the kitchen, bath, concierge desk, and a very helpful building model that I am sure cost in the 6-figures. For convenience they even have a children's playroom set up, complete with imaginative "The Brompton" coloring books for those that have kids, but want to concentrate on the presentation at the same time. Even the waiting area, which is like a modern, sophisticated living room with a beautiful view of Carnegie Park's Gardens, is a delight. I have to hand it to Related, they have done an absolute first class job, and my hopes for a building that live up to their prior triumph, The Chatham, are greatly increased. Prices start as low as $1185 per Sq ft for a $615,000. studio to as much as $2300 per square foot for a high floor 4 bed/4.5 ba with fireplace ($5.6mil./ 2424 sf).

Lucida Update...seems that they are about 2 stories above the foundation or still 2 stories below ground. Although The Lucida started sales a few months ago and has been an undeniable runaway success, there is no doubt in my mind that The Brompton will be finished sooner.


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