Condo Market Still Hot...In Long Island City, At Least

Two new and affordable condos opened under one (on site) roof on Saturday, and the initial returns looked to reinforce the notion that the condo market is still hot, in LIC at least. One Hunters Point and Hunters View Condominiums held their long awaited opening on Saturday and the turnout was reminiscent of 10-50 Jackson last winter. We had many on the scene, and people were lining up as early as Friday afternoon for first crack at these affordable, upscale units which opened to the public Saturday morning at 9 a.m.. By Saturday morning at least 39 parties had taken a number and waited hours for the opportunity to lay down some cold hard cash. These condos have numerous pluses and minuses. The pluses are prices from the $600's per square foot, terraces, and upscale finishes. The negatives, include ordinary exterior architecture and locations that may be noisy- one hangs over the Hunter's Point train yard, the other over the Pulaski Bridge to Greenpoint. Still, views at One Hunters Point, over the train yard, are South and unobstructed and likely to stay that way for some time (assuming Ratner doesn't get any ideas). It would be easier to compare the condos to others in the area, but, Brown Harris, ironically (read:REBNY) and unorthodoxically, is refusing to co-broke the listings for an unspecified period of time. As a broker, that certainly enhances the mystery factor to say the least. We certainly look forward to having the developer and broker conform to industry norms in the near term, and will certainly update as soon as we have more info in that regard.
Additionally, The PowerHouse, although not publicized, is open for business, and if there are no huge price amendments, I can tell you, the project exceeds all of my expectations. The amenities are exceptional, the prices, also from the $600's per foot are great, and the finishes like the all Viking kitchens are the very best (O.K., I'm a sucker for Viking). Also, The Foundry LIC and The Crescent Club (LIC North) are expected to open imminently..So, of course, I'll keep you posted. Feel free to contact me personally for any further info on condos in the area.


  1. I used this management company, property resources management, and they we were great!

  2. Andrew:
    Now this building is around $550/sq, You think it's good time to buy now?thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing information. It quite useful for us also. I always love to read such type of things.

  4. Oh' thanks for sharing this update. I am sure many will still gonna be interested with the condo. Keep posting!


  5. Hrmm that was bizarre, my comment bought eaten. Anyway I needed to say that it’s nice to know that someone else additionally talked about this as I had bother finding the identical information elsewhere. This was the first place that informed me the answer. Thanks.


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