Tiki Scores, Miraval Punts

Miraval Living, the ultra-lux and ultra-amenities condo conversion on the far East Side of 72nd Street had a couple of interesting developments this weekend. First, Tiki Barber, of NY Giants and NBC fame, has entered into contract for 4 apartments for $6 Million which will end up being a combo unit totalling 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and 3500 square feet. Dolly Lenz of Elliman tallied the sale, but it doesn't stop there. Elliman, as of today, has taken over the project altogether. The Marketing Directors are no longer on the project. Closings are currently 3 months behind scheduled and counting. We are not sure exactly why they are so behind, and it was difficult to gather any visibility on the issue from the just deposed regime. Perhaps Elliman will be more forthright and transparent. Although gripes from some brokers have been well publicized, we have had little difficulty selling in the building. Maybe Tiki has made the right move at the right time, like he did so often for the NY Giants.We believe he has.


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