10-17 Jackson: It's A Condo, Shower With View Included!

(l) 7th floor view, (r) 24' ceiling in the lobby

(l) lower floor 1 bed still has view, (r) typical kitchen

(l) typical bath, (r) unique sliding glass wall to bedroom.

(l) 22' ceiling in penthouse 1 bed, (r) second floor in penthouse 1 bed

(l) tub with a view, (r) shower with a skyline view

(l) 7th floor living room, excuse the mess, (r) terrace on 7th floor.

Time and time again, I have fixated on a new development project, and the finished product ends up a major disappointment. For that reason, I was beyond delighted to see how the nearly-finished product at 10-17 Jackson has turned out. And, I am happy to report, Times Square Construction & Development has decided to forge ahead as a condominium!

I was reminded again and again as I toured the site today that, as a Times Square rep put it, "we are a construction company first, and a development company second". This is a project where quality is apparent throughout, and just as significantly, the project was built with pride and acute attention to detail. For starters, the building could have been built 11 stories as-of-right, but the builder instead to go 8 stories plus roof so the ceiling heights in each apartment would measure at 11'+ plus for each. The effect is a spacious feel and an incredible light and views in every unit. Also impressive is that the builder decided to go with 8" poured concrete floors topped with 3/4 sub flooring and 3/4 walnut floors- no skimping here. I was worried about a possible rumble from the 7 train just yards away, but after an hour in the building not a peep- this building is clearly solid as a rock. It is extremely quiet as well. The builder imported sound resisting double paned windows from Europe, and they leave the interiors pin drop quiet.

The apartments are well appointed with white lacquer cabinets, granite counters, Liebherr fridges (other kitchen appliances Jenn Air), full sized washer and dryer in each unit, and a modern bath with soaking tub. There are a couple of unique features, aside from the brilliant windows that run largely from floor to ceiling. In many apartments, especially the 1 bedrooms, there is a translucent glass wall that can be rolled back to open to the living room. An interesting option for those who would like to open things up. But perhaps the most interesting feature is that many of the bathrooms have floor to ceiling, or at least tub to ceiling, windows that would allow you to enjoy the view while neighbors are enjoying a view of you. Sort of like The Standard Hotel meets LIC. Speaking of views, there is no shortage in this building. From the 2nd floor you see a significant portion of the Chrysler Building, but once you hit the 4th floor, it is wide open skyline in the west facing apartments and open river, creek, and Brooklyn views on the east side of the building. Studio V Architects deserves major kudos here. The layout of the building was brilliant. Given its triangular lot on Vernon and Jackson, it could have gotten tricky, but somehow Studio V minimized the angles in the apartments and you never feel like you are stuck in a 3 sided box. The other point of brilliance was staggering the north side of the building with terraces (nearly every apartment in the building has one) so that apartments on the northeast portion of the building still enjoy exceptional west views of the skyline. Other exception touches include a lobby with 24' ceiling and penthouse with ceilings that peak at 22'.

The bottom line is that Times Square looks like it has a home run on its hands here. Nearly every apartment has light, views, and a terrace. The construction quality is exceptional and solid. And those 11' ceiling, fantastic. Everything from here will ride on pricing. While a schedule A has already passed muster with the AG's office, some tweaks may still be made. The price talk I am hearing seems reasonable. The TCO is expected in the next couple of weeks and sales will likely start within 8 weeks. Can't wait!


  1. What's the price they talking?

  2. I'm looking at 2 bed/2 bath at the Solarium. Should we wait on 10-17 even though you're early post said there were only 6 2-beds at 10-17?

  3. Some people will buy anything. Hello people can you rent a 2-3 bedroom for the same price of a 1 bedroom in these condos. Does anyone have a calculator. My god, please do the math. Look at the powerhouse. You can rent a 2 bedroom for what it cost to buy a studio.HAHAHA... Unreal

  4. They butchered the layouts at this building, cannot even fit a bed in most bedrooms. Good luck to them, even if they sell it cheap it's still not worth it.

  5. Hey Andrew, nice post! I was thinking of a unit in OHP but is this better in terms of quality / construction?

  6. Yeah can't fit a king sized bed..or what is it with those Hotel Room sized kitchen sinks

    Does anybody cook anymore? where would you put a turkey platter and how would you wash one?

    For $99K it would be worth it to put up with those screwups.

  7. I don't want to be quoted on pricing yet, as they are still tweaking and I don't want to dish out bad info. Prices will start under $400k for the smaller 1 beds...since the majority of units are 1 beds (27 out of 33), hopefully that gives you some idea.

    I don't want to compare this site to specific developments in terms of quality. I am happy to let you know that I believe that this is the best quality construction (ground up) that I have seen in LIC.

  8. $400K Andrew are smoking something funny?

    But then that is how you earn your 6% commish....hookwinking some rube into thinking that is a cheap price.

    Gotta hand it to ya , I don't have the balls to do your "job"

  9. I don't know how some realtor can look in the mirror in the morning. The only one that have a harder time looking in the mirror are the ones that made the mistake and bought at these highly over priced units. DO THE MATH..... ITS CHEAPER TO RENT.... I'm exhausted.

  10. do they have a website yet? the pics kinda look like tiny spaces. Any insight on how big the 1 beds and 2 bed layouts will be?

  11. BIG....HAHAHA show me a King size bed 3 -4 dressers a double closet and then we will talk about the riht size for a bedroom....BIG HAHA

    Just like a tiny sink in the kitchen....not even a deep double wide....who designs these hotel room crapboxes?

    And what is with a microwave OVER the stove....you just killed half your market of women who are under 5'3......what you think she should wear high heals to get the food out of there...

    Dumb and Dumber
    Any insight on how big the 1 beds and 2 bed layouts will be?

  12. How is it cheaper to rent? Do you think comparable 1-bed rentals in LIC go for only $1000-$1500? I don't think you have your facts straight.

  13. Well if you wanted to rent from a REAL landlord and not a corporate one...you can find great deals in 2 family houses...but then you have to KNOW how to get along with your landlord...You can't be an arrogant moron.

    If it snows YOU shovel the snow....YOU bring in the mail YOU take put the garbage out. But most people have no clue how to act with a live-in landlord.

    So they rent in Corporate buildings at exorbitant rents.

  14. Thanks for admitting that your comparison is not valid, which makes it irrelevant.

  15. HEY YOU'RE RIGHT its not comparable. But that is your "job" to deceive people.

    To limit the conversation, and not to tell them about other viable options.

    Like i said I don't have the balls to hoodwink people like you do for that 6% commish.

  16. why is it so hard for people on blogs to talk about real estate without personally attacking one another? Who cares about your theories about humanity? Just tell me about the building

  17. My friend and I are finally moving into our first place on our own. It is a great little duplex, and the only thing I do not want to, it is ugly brown carpet that all cheap flats and maisonettes have. The dark brown. He's a great Apartment Finder. The walls are painted and everything wit. Welke colored furniture, we are looking for? I will look clean, but it looks like it will be difficult with such a dirty, ugly carpet. . .

  18. Things have come along in this area. Times Square is no longer for low income housing as it was in the early 80's when I lived there.

  19. I just wonder if this condo is still available. Thanks!


  20. Good post. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for this entry.

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  21. That bathroom looks like a great place to Apply Eyeliner in!

  22. Looks fresh. Suitable for the working-class should the price go down a bit to be at reach. Grown-up kids would definitely dig the modern design.


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