Tower 111 Gets Glassed (With Invisible Shield)?

What's that rising at 32nd and Sixth Avenue next to Jack's 99 Cent Store? Why it is Tower 111, a 47 story residential rental with 31,000 square feet of retail on the first 2 floors and a few offices. It is being built by Atlantic Realty Development and designed by Costas Kondylis. While I might ordinarily criticize glass wall construction, maybe I'll give this a recession waiver. After all, it's just good to see something going up these days! And how about that lot line on the south side (left side in the pics) of the building? Looks like a lucky few were spared and will continue to enjoy the light of day. Finally, is this glass extra shiny or extra reflective. From a few of the pictures I took it seems as though it is so reflective that it virtually vanishes. An invisible building? That would be a concept!


  1. hte question is .....who would wANT to live there?

    maybe if they got rid of the crud screaming in front about there $5 bags.

  2. wow, the building looks super, is it for rent or condo

  3. it a rental or a condo

  4. i dont think that building will be for a condo, seems like an office one

  5. Can't wait to see the finishing touches of this building. :)

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