New New School Building Reaches Ground Level

The massive modernist construction project for the New School at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue is now at ground level, if not higher in spots. After what seemed like an eternity to dig through bedrock into what will probably be the 2nd sub-basement, the site seems to have picked up momentum with cement concrete and re-bar rising. The final creation at 16 stories and 365,000sf looks like The Pompidou covered in stick em' and hit by a lumber yard. I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, rendering vs. reality is a tricky game. The building is expected to open in 2 years time.


  1. "...cement and re-bar rising." It's concrete, not cement. Huge difference.

  2. Cantilever. Correct and corrected.

  3. The ally should both accept a accepted eyes but aswell an admiration of what can be accomplished realistically. The artist should be able to atmosphere the architecture conceiving of the partners.

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  4. This looks a lot better than the Pompidou , an urban blight if there ever was one
    Piano and Rogers should be arrested for that disgrace


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