Dunkin Donuts Opens At 85th & Lex, Clearly Trying To Set Record For Most Signage

There have been plenty of welcome additions to the East 80's of late, but this Dunkin Donuts is not one of them. I pass no judgement on the establishment itself. Sure, the coffee may not suit my taste, and the donuts may be feeding a diabetes epidemic when not eaten in moderation; no, it's the signage!

This store on Lexington Avenue between 84th and 85th Street (a former cobbler) measures approximately 10' wide, yet there are 7 signs including a nearly 5 foot carboard sign advertizing a 99 cent iced tea that nearly dwarfs the passerby pictured. It was actually worse. Until this weekend there was a giant banner, or flag which hung from the side of the building from the 2nd to 3rd floor and extended nearly to the curbside. While you have to credit the owner of this establishment for trying to set the record for most signage for a 10' storefront, I'm sure the locals are up in arms. I'm not sure what the law is exactly, but I'm guessing that the new Dunkin is about to find out.


  1. Do you think they just have it up for the "grand opening" and will bring it back down to a reasonable number of signs afterwards?

  2. Ironically, the store looks empty! I think it is the sidewalk signs that take it over the top. They are an obstruction and hazard and you can bang your head on the 'now open' signs.

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