Related, Avalon Dig Deep At Top Of High Line, Architects A Small Mystery

Related site, 5/2012, 30th St. and 10th Ave

Finished product from Related? Render of building at 30th St. and 10th Ave

"Avalon West Chelsea Site" 5/2012 (Looking west from High Line on West 28th)

"West Chelsea" believed to be rendering of Avalon Building (credit Fogarty Finger)
I took a stroll the length of the High Line last Friday in search of some new blog material. Plenty is happening, but the boom appears to be headed north. It is at the current "end of the line" that Related (at 30th and 10th Ave) and Avalon (at 28th and 11th) are now excavating and preparing to build foundations for two ambitious new projects totalling just over 900,000 square feet.

On the SW corner of 30th and 10th Avenue Related is building a 33 story tower that will consist of 320,000 square feet of residential space, 7,000sf of retail and 78 parking spaces. The architect is rumored to be Robert A.M. Stern (an A Fine Blog favorite of Chatham, Brompton and 15 CPW fame), while all of the filings to date have been by architect Ismael Leyva. They are currently 10 feet below ground fighting through the mud and digging deeper. A construction worker on site claimed that the project would be done by late 2013, but that sounds a bit ambitious.

On the NE corner of 28th Street and 11th Avenue, and along 28th east nearly to the High Line, work continues on what will be the future "Avalon West Chelsea". The building is to peak at 27 stories on the corner and taper back to 13 stories mid block. It is a large lot so the final product, though not particularly tall will contain an impressive 700 units and 25,000sf of retail for a total of 583,000sf. The building, designed by SLCE or Fogarty Finger (or both?) looks like an Avalon building- plenty or red brick, steel, and plenty of curtain glass facing west. It is much like Avalon Christie but with a tall tower and a little more glass. It is widely believed that SLCE is the architect, yet the rendering above is found on Fogarty Finger's website.

Would the actual architects please stand up? And, for that matter, throw us some fresh renderings?

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