New UES Dunkin Donuts Adds Even More Signage, A Lot More!

Perhaps someone at the new Dunkin Donuts on Lexington Ave (bet. 84th and 85th) heard about yesterday's blog post and felt egged on by my comment that they were "clearly trying to set a new record for most signage"? Now, let there be no doubt that they clearly hold the record (for the UES at least) and there is no need to add any more signage! Really. Why? In addition to the 7 signs mentioned yesterday, the approximately 8'x5' flag is back, five flag buntings have been added, a flag themed "grand opening" sign added, as well as 12 strings of plastic flag banners hanging from as high as 20 feet above the 10 foot storefront. In case that somehow doesn't attract your attention, a six foot tall Dunkin Donuts coffee cup mascot of sorts (I'll call him Dunkie) is in front heralding the arrival of the new store. Local passerbys were not impressed. A stody old businessman that I spoke to passing by put it in one word "unbelievable", and that was as positive a response as I could find. I smell not coffee and donuts from this store, but controversy. Stay tuned...


  1. it looks terrible and I doubt allowed under the zoning. I think the flag pole is not allowed but but for schools in residential areas.


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