Foundation Set At Fischer's 84 Third, Questions Remain

Discredited Rendering
Rendering on ZD1 Form with City
Foundation set (A Fine 10/1/12)
84 Third site (A Fine 10/1/12)

One thing that we know for sure is that the old Nevada Smith's on Third Avenue is gone. It relocated to Webster Hall for a while and will soon relocate to the former home of a porno theater up at 100 Third Avenue.

The story behind 84 Third Avenue however is a little less clear. Here is what we do and don't know.

We know:
- City has approved 94 unit, 9 story building with 72,000sf of residential, 9500sf of commercial, and 327sf of "community space."
- The foundation is complete, and rebar is now jutting just above ground level.
- The property is under a land lease that runs 99 years at approximately $1 Mil. per year.
- We have a little sneak peak of the building from city zoning documents.

We don't know:
- Condo or rental? It has been reported both ways, but The Real Deal quotes the developer, Eli Weiss, as saying that it will be a rental. So that should settle that.
- What it will look like? There is a widely circulated rendering which looks very much like "The Corner" on West 72nd Street. That cannot be the correct rendering as it depicts a 13 story building, not the 9 story building approved for the site according to DOB records.

Adding to the confusion, I asked 2 workers on the site how tall the building will be, and the answer was 13 stories. Eh, at least we know where Nevada Smith's is.


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