Quick Recovery On UES As Construction Resumes At 135 East 79th

135 East 79th (A. Fine 10/31/12)
135 East 79th Bricks (A Fine 10/31/12)
Traffic may be snarled, and cell service spotty, but as downtown struggles to simply pump out tunnels and get the lights back on, new development construction is quickly cranking right back up on the Upper East Side. 135 East 79th Street, this morning saw teams of workers, and even the crane powered up and ready to go. Seems Brodsky Organization is not messing around with this one, as the building has added 7 or more stories to the building in just the last 5 weeks. There is even some brick work pictured, and I have to say, it looks much better in the flesh than it does in the rendering. Hey, it is "custom pigmented and hand-laid" after all!
135 East 79th Soaring To New Heights (AFB 9/24/12)
Ye' Old Curbed Files, 135 East 79th (Curbed)


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