Under The Radar: Re-zoned 84-86 White Tops, Remains Mystery

84-86 White front from south (A Fine)
84-86 White from southwest (A Fine)

There were many pitched battles over re-zoning areas in Chinatown, the LES, and East Village over the past several years, but one little known stretch bound by Broadway and Lafayette and White and Walker Street made it through the process. The area on the NW corner of Chinatown (and likely to be inaccurately marketed as Tribeca) was changed from a manufacturing zone to a commercial zone 4 or 5 years ago. What is rising at 84-86 White Street is a result. Here we have a 13 story residential building that will contain 34 residential units. Given the location, odds are that we are looking at a condo, but there is very little available about the building aside from the building permit. So, for now, we'll add this to the "mystery development file". Feel free to fill in the blanks, people!
Chinatown Blocks Re-zoned (TRD, 7/2008)


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